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UPDATE: 5/6/2015

Hey All! A big appology that I haven't updated this in a long time, just busy! No excuses so I'll do my best to revert back to bi-monthly updates from now on - well after my 48th Birthday!
    So news regarding the new season of Nova619. Well its still on the way folks for those that are fans of the webcomic featuring our version of Rich Rider. Downside has been that some episodes have been behind in post production while others have been completed - but its my policy that I don't like to release ep's online only for gaps to appear between eps, I prefer to have then appear one at a time so there are no breaks! But hey, take into account that all the guys and gals that participate in 619 work hard, voluntary or otherwise to bring folks the comic that this year celebrates its 5th year online.
    Right now, out of the 6 eps that form the first block, 2 are finished, 1 is virtually done and the other 3 are at a stage where they'll be finished in 2 months.
    So as such the season will begin online July 4th with Sins of the Past, followed by The Right Stuff, Night of the Jaguar, Within, Praetorian and Sun Prime with a pos X-mas Special thrown in for good measure. Then in 2016, will be the 6 part The Path arc featuring not one but 2 Rich Riders and a host of new and classic Nova characters! Also with all eps this run will be a back up feature of prose stories with pics featuring the cosmic mage The Wonder Worlock by Byron Brewer!
    As always, NOVA619 is free to read here at DA/Nova Prime and will be downloadable as a free PDF at Nova Prime Page! Look out for preview artwork soon at my new Nova619 FB page!
    However, if you want to catch up with everything about Nova619, then upload the NOVA619 UNIVERSE GUIDE! Compiled by me and Byron Brewer with art by Cedric Lab. Cover by Gregg Paulsen, Raz Xion and Anthony D Lee

TO DOWNLOAD A PDF COPY - use the st.ash link below!

ALSO ONLINE AT NOVA PRIME PAGE where you can download it also along with past NOVA619 EPISODES!



I'm extending the time limit for submissions for the Special right up to end of JULY. So if you're interested in doing a pin up - here's the info!
Back in the 90's Marvel produced a few limited one-off specials called the Marvel Swimsuit Specials. Examples of the kind of pin-up's - many done by top Marvel talents at the time can be found here:…

The aim is to do a UNIVERSE 619/ Marvel Cosmic version - either 619 equ of Marvel characters like our Nova or with our original characters. 
    Contributions should be A4 SIZE minimum  and if you want to in and color the art let us know!- so if you want to reserve asap! please get in touch via note or e.mail me via



Currently 395+ signatures so far but more needed to make the 1000 target! For those coming in late:

NOVA PRIME PAGE have launched an online petition to try and get Rich Rider back in his own comic! The mission statement is as follows:

"We request that Marvel Comics return Richard Rider to the Marvel Universe as Nova Prime. This is not a request to undermine any efforts related to Sam Alexander as Nova. We believe the Marvel Universe is large enough to support more than one character related to the Nova legacy. Richard Rider was the original Man Called Nova and has almost 40 years of history with readers. The Annihilation epic and the post-event adventures of Richard Rider as Nova Prime elevated the character to a new level of popularity and stature.
    Despite a lack of an ongoing title over the last few years, Rich Rider remains a fan favorite. The sales of the recent video games featuring Nova Prime and the Marvel Legends Nova figure support this.
    We believe Richard Rider as Nova Prime could garner high sales in a mini-series or ongoing title with a proper creative team. All we are seeking is the opportunity be given to the character. Thank you for your time and consideration of this petition."

So if you want to sign the petition - use the link below!…



Got around finally to doing my own Tumblr blog! Its called AWESOME NOVA PRIME and it'll be a secondary home posting fan art for Nova (Rich and Sam), Nova 619 art and other Rocket related goodies. Check it out here -…



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Okay. Single. Hold 2 jobs which keep me busy. Do a few volunatary stuff that keeps me busy. But besides all that I find time to contribute to NovaPrimePage (since 2000) and more recently Cosmic Book news where I'm currently co-writing a series of Nova stories set in an alternative bad-ass universe. Nova goes 18 plus- Max style.

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Hope you enjoyed your birthday Daz! 
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ZAT?? Not sure what you mean?
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My apologies then. There was an old fanzine called ZAT with artwork that looked a lot like yours in it (albeit 20 years ago).

Sorry to bother you.

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Did it happen to be about ZX Spectrums and SAM Computers?? Done around the 1990/s - A5 format size wise. I did covers for that back in my "youth" back in the classic pen and ink period.
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hey man just letting you know that I've updated my gallery with new sequentials, check them out and tell me what you think!
rock on!
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STARSCREAM - NOVA 619 NOVELLA (200 pages) - Daz Blackburn – IN PROGRESS 
COVER - SLOT OPEN  ---> May I do the cover?
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